Innovative UV Solution

Trojan UV Torrent

The Eastern Treatment Plant Alliance has selected Trojan Technologies UV Torrent technology from Aquatec Maxcon for its upgrade of Melbourne Water’s Eastern Treatment Plant. This advanced technology uses fully enclosed in-line reactors to treat up to 8775 L/s. 8,200 L/s with UVT of 67.5% with 4 log inactivation of cryptosporidium

It is no longer necessary for municipalities installing UV technology to make a choice between energy-efficiency and a small footprint. TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology combines the best features of both low pressure and medium pressure lamps.

The result:

  • low power consumption (1/3 the energy of medium pressure lamps),
  • low lamp count,
  • low carbon footprint,
  • long lamp life (>12,000 hours), and
  • a simplified UV system maintenance.