Diffused Aeration

Diffused Aeration

Diffused AerationAquatec Maxcon was responsible for the introduction of membrane type fine bubble aeration diffusers to Australia in 1986.  The initial membrane diffusers supplied were of German origin with a hollow tubular construction with an extruded EPDM membrane.

Since then, Aquatec Maxcon has been involved in the Design and Supply of over 120 Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration installations and has supplied in excess of 300,000 membrane diffusers to the Australasian market.

Based on the history and experience developed, Aquatec Maxcon has not only sourced diffusers from overseas but has also developed in-house, its own diffuser, the AquaBlade, for the Australasian market to address a number of issues that have been experienced with using foreign sourced diffusers in Australian operations.

Aquatec Maxcon supplies fine bubble membrane type plate dffusers, membrane and ceramic type disc diffusers, as well as tubular diffusers, all of which provide the highest available efficiencies. Integral mixing systems are also offered for optimised performance.

Our range of diffused aerators include:

  • AquaBlade
  • Elastox-T -
  • Elastox-R
  • Permox-R
  • Ceramic Disc
  • Coarse Bubble

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