Green Power

Aquatec Group Solar Energy Generation System 2

As a leading supplier of environmentally sustainable technologies, Aquatec Maxcon Group has successfully completed the installation of a solar powered generation system on site at its Sydney office.

Supplied and installed by MPA Engineering, the 9.6 kW system is comprised of 96 100W Du Pont Silicon Amorphous Clean Energy Council approved PV panels. The amorphous (thin film) panels were selected due to their increased efficiency and effectiveness in shady and cloudy conditions.

The system is expected to produce approximately 15MWh per year, ensuring 20% of the sites total energy needs is supplied by a renewable source. This also equates to a reduction in GHG emissions of approximately 15.6 CO2-e tonnes annually. The company is also currently installing an additional 3.0 kW solar system on its nearby residential property.