Celebrating 50 Years with 50 Stories!

We have just celebrated our 50th Anniversary in business! The 22nd of June was the official anniversary of the big day, and we couldn't be more proud of this remarkable achievement. 

In order to commemorate the occasion, we will be launching a celebratory campaign called "50 Years - 50 Stories".

We will be sharing 50 stories from our staff (both past and present) about projects that we feel are interesting and have made us into the Company that we are today.

Aquatec Maxcon 50 Years in Business 50 Stories

Here's a sneak preview of some of the projects we are expecting to share include stories from the following plants / projects:

  • Cradle Mountain Membrane BioReactor Plant - Aquatec Maxcon provided the process design and all the mechanical works for a complete MBR Treatment Plant located in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. The Cradle Mountain area is of great ecological significance as it is a Word Heritage Area and nitrogen and phosphate levels in the effluent had to be kept to an absolute minimum. 

  • Maroochy Digesters - Aquatec Maxcon was engaged to perform the upgrade to the sludge digester and sludge handling systems including the CO2 Stripper and Lime Conditioning System before dewatering using a centrifuge and solar dryer.  The modelling and replacement of most of the major components was completed with minimum downtime and zero injuries, a wonderful achievement!

  • CUB Samoa Wastewater Treatment Plant - Aquatec Maxcon designed, constructed and successfully commissioned a primary and secondary wastewater treatment plant for the local brewery owned by CUB and Coca Cola. The project was noteworthy because the plant was constructed in Samoa and the effluent was required to be high quality and suitable for discharge into the ocean. Much of the equipment was prefabricated in Australia and assembled locally in Samoa (under the supervision of Aquatec Maxcon) in order to ensure ease of transportation. The project was innovative as the high pH wastewater needed to be countered and made suitable for biological treatment. The plant won the Coca Cola "Best Environmental Achievement Pacific" Award, and has continued to be robust and exceed effluent quality by a significant margin.

  • Tooheys Wastewater Treatment Plant - Everyone loves beer! In August 2012, Aquatec Maxcon was awarded the contract to design and construct a 2ML per day wastewater treatment plant situated at the Tooheys Brewery in Lidcombe, New South Wales. The project was innovative in that it allowed Tooheys to treat brewery waste on site in order to meet Sydney Water trade waste standards, thus significantly reducing costs for our client.

  • XXXX Brewery, Wastewater Facility and Water Re-Use Facility - More beer stories! Aquatec Maxcon was awarded the contract to design and construct all of the process, mechanical and electrical elements of a 2.2 ML per day wastewater treatment facility and water re-use for the XXXX brewery located at Milton, Brisbane. The issues facing the construction of the plant included the fact that the project required an extremely short delivery time while being a complex design and construct located in a small, busy area with challenging site access. The result was a facility that boasted a dramatically reduced footprint at, at the time, was the most water efficient brewery in the world (requiring only 1.8L of water per litre of production!)

  • Smith's Wastewater Treatment Plant - From beer to chips... The Smith's Food Group contracted Aquated Maxcon to design and construct a 1.3ML per day wastewater reuse plant at their production site at Tingalpa, QLD.

  • Marian Water Treatment Plant - In February 2020, Marian WTP's water was voted the second best tasting water in the world! The townships of Marian and Mirani were supplied with drinking water sourced from groundwater bores. Mackay Regional Council conducted an investigation into the future water supply requirement for these towns which showed the existing combined groundwater allocation for these bores would not be able to meet the future demand projections and the quality of the aquifer was declining. An alternate drinking water supply from the Pioneer River at Marian Weir was investigated and the construction of a new WTP at Marian was deemed necessary in order to supply both towns.

  • Golden Circle Cannery UASB WWP, Northgate - The Golden Circle UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) Project (completed in 1989) was hugely significant for Aquatec Maxcon as it was the first large Paques UASB plant built in Australia. Despite the pressures and threats of lateness penalties, the project was completed 17 days ahead of schedule, with immediate benefits for Golden Circle. Waste charges for the plant were slashed to 10% - the UASB paid for itself after only three years of operation!

  • Mt Cotton Inlet Works Upgrade - In December 2014 Aquatec Maxcon submitted a tender to Redland City Council for the design, fabrication and installation of a new inlet works for the Mt Cotton WWTP. Though the offer included the full scope of the inlet works, it also included two products that, at the time, did not exist beyond rough hand-sketched concept drawings. These products, now called the Aqua-Band Screen and Aqua-Max washpress, were offered alongside alternative well known proprietary bandscreen and washpress...

...And much more!

Expect some changes to the website as we add stories over the course of the next 6 months.