Dissolved Air Flotation


Superior Water-Solids Separation

DAF is a process by which small, micronsize bubbles are made to attach to suspended material in water and carry the solids to the liquid surface. Once at the surface the solids are mechanically skimmed to produce a thickened sludge of 2 to 5%. Similarly, mixed liquors and sludges can also be thickened. The process operates at higher hydraulic and solids loadings than gravity devices, is space efficient and particularly suitable for a wide range of municipal biological sludges, industrial wastewaters, and oily material. 

Aquatec Maxcon can offer tailored DAF designs to suit particular industrial and municipal applications


Design Features

Coagulation and DAF can also reduce BOD, NFR and fats, oil and grease by up to 80%, 90% and 95%, respectively


 Design Advantages

Thickening of waste activated sludge to 5% without polymer addition is possible




Aquatec Maxcon has established and maintains a dedicated service department for scheduled maintainence and breakdown services.

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